Did you know that Phoenix, Arizona is one of the sunniest cities in the world? With about 300 sunny days, this is a perfect travel destination or a place to live. But for us at Solar Ecosystems, there’s more to the abundant sunshine in the Grand Canyon State.

We help property owners in the city and surrounding areas to harness the sun for electricity. We’re the leading solar installers in the region and our team boasts a large clientele base in this community. We’ve helped many homeowners and businesses in the region to maximize the benefits of the readily available sun with high-quality solar panels.

If you’re a resident of Phoenix, AZ, or the neighboring communities, it’s time to go solar. With our reliable solar panel systems, we help you go green with clean and more affordable solar energy.

Why Go Solar in Phoenix, AZ?

Like every property owner in the area, you’re most likely worried about the high cost of electricity. Most modern home systems depend on electricity, including lighting, security cameras, automated gates, smart home systems, HVAC, and appliances. This increases the demand for electricity which leads to a high energy bill every month.

1. Leverage Long-Term Cost-Savings

During the peak summer months, you might pay up to 12 cents per kWh (kilowatt-hour) or even more. This means your energy bill will shoot through the roof as you struggle to keep your home cool. One reason to install solar panels in Phoenix is to leverage the long-term cost savings that come with renewable energy.

With the abundant sunshine in the state, you can go fully off-grid and make 100% savings on electricity. Our solar panels equipped with solar energy storage help you generate extra energy for use at night or on cloudy days.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration says the average electricity bill in Arizona is $128.40. This means the state has one of the highest electricity costs. With a solar panel system, you avoid this high bill. Our solar installers work with you to evaluate your home’s energy needs and design a solar panel system that generates all your home’s electricity needs.

2. Go Green, Save Planet Earth

At Solar Ecosystems, we’re conscious of the impact fossil fuels have on the environment and we talk to our clients about the role they can play. Going green with a solar panel system is one way to reduce greenhouse emissions. Your solar panels supply electricity without the need to burn fossil fuels. You reduce your home’s carbon footprint, which is a big contribution to save planet earth.

3. Increase Your Home’s Value

The modern homeowner is more conscious about the environment and is after features that boost energy efficiency. A solar panel system has a big impact on your home’s price assessment. Homebuyers love properties with sustainable design and features such as solar energy systems.

4. Great ROI

While the initial cost of solar panels might look high, consider the return on investment for this project. You’ll not only boost your home’s value but also make huge savings on your energy bill.

Solar Panel Installation By Solar Ecosystems

Our solar installers at Solar Ecosystems have the expertise and equipment to design and install solar panels on any property. We assess your home’s roof size and type, roof pitch, location, your home’s energy needs, and other factors when designing the solar panel array.

Our goal is to design a highly efficient solar panel system by using premium products from leading brands in the industry. Any hardware we use comes with a warranty and we also offer our service guarantees.

We have certified solar installers who understand the local building code and will help you apply for any licenses required. Better still, we help you apply for any solar energy incentives available in Arizona including the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), Arizona Residential Solar Energy Tax Credit, Energy Equipment Property Tax Exemption, and Solar Equipment Sales Tax Exemption.

Talk to us today about the best solar panel installations in Phoenix, AZ.  We promise to deliver beyond your expectations.